This 80-page book is sub-titled The M1 Garand Rifle in Pictures - WWII and Korea and features over 300 military archive images documenting the M1 Garand rifle's origin, development, battlefield use, and post-war experimentation from WWI to the M14. Packed with pictures and information, this book is a 'must-have' for all fans of the M1 Garand. Standard shipping rates apply
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POSTER - National Matches 19.5"x 25.75"

Poster - National Matches - 19.5" x 25.75" Standard shipping rates apply

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CMP Advanced Shooter's Journal

Keeping a Shooter's Journal is one of the best ways to improve target shooting scores. This ADVANCED SHOOTER'S JOURNAL was originally designed for the CMP Three-P Air Rifle Summer Camp Program, with the serious junior shooter in mind. But junior shooters of all levels can benefit from the information they can record in this journal. Even beginners are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits of keeping a Shooter's Journal. Standard shipping rates apply

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Carbine Cal .30 M1: Diagrams & Pictures First Edition

Every late issue blueprint that was used in the production of the M1 Carbine - listing: dimensional tolerances, fit, finish, materials used & referenced specifications. Definitely for the owner or backyard gunsmith who wants to know his M1 Carbine completely & thoroughly. Standard shipping rates apply. Book contains 173 pgs, size 8 1/2"x14", the cover and back of the manual are 19 mil polypropylen, plastic wire bound - book will lay flat.

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